More On The Romney/Bain Trap

by evanmcmurry

Furthering my theory that the real Romney/Bain trap—whether it was the Obama campaign’s play along or just a lucky break—has less to do with jobs, outsourcing, etc., than Romeny’s inability to tell the truth over Basic Things He’s Done. Following yesterday’s #retroactive wonderfulness comes this:

The Times presents both sides of the argument. It notes that there is “no evidence” Romney exercised control over Bain in the disputed period, but it also points out that “his campaign has declined to say if he attended any meetings or had any other contact with Bain during the period.” (via Greg Sargeant)

Again, voters are still undecided about whether they buy Romney’s economic credentials as a qualification for president—he polls about even or slightly above Obama on who would better handle the economy, the only issue on which he has any sort of purchase—but they know they don’t trust the guy, which is why Romney’s favorability ratings aren’t even in danger of cresting 40%. Hearing things like “Romney profited from a business but wasn’t responsible for anything it did” and “Mitt Romney was listed as CEO but can’t remember if he attended any meetings” hits that distrust button, hard. “I don’t recall” only works if you’re already President or AG, not if you’re trying to convince people to put you in office.

Moreover, how does Romney respond to this? He’s already had his fingers crossed as tightly as possible without snapping them that the economy tanks. But this is one argument on which you can’t pivot onto jobs or deficits. It has nothing to do with Obama, the economy, or anything else: it solely concerns Mitt Romney and what he’s done and why he can’t even tell the truth about a meeting he attended.