Swinging With Both Fists

by evanmcmurry

Obama’s a socialist:

But the Romney campaign has located sad-eyed businessmen who think Obama literally does not think they build anything. A viral column by John Kass (10,000+ Facebook shares), describes an Obama who “stands there at the front of the mob, in his shirt sleeves, swinging that government hammer, exhorting the crowd to use its votes and take what it wants.” Like Lenin, like Marx, like Big Brother, he wants to raise the marginal tax rate on income over $250,000.

Obama’s a crony capitalist*:

“I am ashamed to say that we’re seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign contributors, when he gave money, $500 million in loans to a company called Fisker that makes high end electric cars, and they make the cars now in Finland. That is wrong and it’s got to stop. That kind of crony capitalism does not create jobs and it does not create jobs here.”

The two claims were made within 24 hours of each other. Again, they’re not mutually exclusive—I could, if I had to, come up with a way in which a president could simultaneously nationalize the economy while propping up select corporations. But it’s not my argument. Will Romney attempt, at some point, to connect these accusations, or are we in the throwing-shit-at-the-wall stage of things?

*It’s behind a paywall, leeches, so pony up.