The Aurora Shooting Already Has Multiple Existences On The Internet

by evanmcmurry

The single event of the DKR shooting in Aurora, CO, has already been run through the multitudinous nervous system of the internet, where it will ultimately live as a million different shocks. What I’ve found so far:

  • A live-blog of the incident on Reddit: “Reddit, I’ve been compiling a timeline for a while.”
  • A victim who posted photos of his wounds on Reddit, and who is probably rethinking his Reddit avatar, “themurderator.”

Then things get uglier:

  • Message boards that like to put up fake photos insinuating responsibility for mass shootings, basically as a prank, are spreading false gifs of the shooter warning of his attack. Apparently, message boards of this type have done this before, and this time they’re already fooling people on the Colorado shooting.
  • This morning’s NRA tweet, now deleted, but first retweeted, many, many times: “Good morning, shooters! Happy Friday. Weekend plans?”
  • Another poor NRA tweet in context: “Gun mistakes in movies are flagrant and often. Here are some of the worst! What mistake bothers you the most?” Check out the comment below the tweet for a brief balm of catharsis.

And the inherent problem with any event occurring in an election season:

  • “Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, said Friday that the Aurora shooting was a result of ‘ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs’ and questioned why no one else in the theater was armed and ready to take the shooter out.”

By the by, if the fanboys who sent death threats to the critic who gave DKR its first bad review didn’t already feel bad about that, they definitely should now.