Guns Don’t Kill People, Lack of Proper Mental Health Treatment Kills People

by evanmcmurry

Good side note about the gun control debate:

Second, if the world is full of loons who want to kill their fellow man and we are not allowed to take away their guns (indeed, we are required to give them every possible tool for upping the body count) then I have an alternative. Congress should pass a law that anyone in the U.S., resident or otherwise, can present himself at any hospital, religious institution, or police/fire department and request immediate inpatient psychiatric care at no cost and with legal protection against job loss for missed time. People don’t snap and become killers overnight; it is usually a long process of isolation, depression, plotting, and desensitization to violence. Why not attempt to intervene when they first have the thought, “Maybe I should kill a bunch of people in a theater” rather than letting it progress to the point that the idea is palatable, even normal? Of course this wouldn’t help everyone. There are those who would not accept mental health treatment even at no cost. However, it would stop a few people who might otherwise become violent. Seems like it might be worth the cost, no?

The “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument assumes a functional apparatus for treating mental health problems; we don’t have that. But if, as some governors would have us believe, mentally unstable people will kill no matter the weapons, then shouldn’t we be focused on treating the mentally unstable people? If the NRA was serious about its own logic, this would be the next step, no? So we’ll be waiting for their proposal to fund advancements in mental health treatment as a means of reducing gun violence, which I’m sure is imminent. (h/t Gin and Tacos)