Obama = Nixon

by evanmcmurry

Mitch McConnell, from a Dahlia Lithwick article about the DISCLOSE law:

This amounts to nothing more than member and donor harassment and intimidation, and it’s all part of a broader government-led intimidation effort by this administration. There are parallel efforts at the FCC, SEC, IRS, DoJ, and the White House itself to silence its critics. The creation of a modern day Nixonian enemies list is currently in full swing and, frankly, the American people should not stand for it. As I’ve said before, no individual or group in this country should have to face harassment or intimidation, or incur crippling expenses defending themselves again their own government, simply because that government doesn’t like the message they’re advocating.

Nixonian! The Obama administration is bad because…it’s acting too much like a former Republican administration. How long before Republicans accuse some future Democratic president of seizing too much executive power by calling him “Bushlike?” (via Slate)