Americans Want A Small Government That Invests Heavily To Grow The Economy But Maintain Economic Freedom

by evanmcmurry

Via Greg Sargeant:

 The NBC/WSJ poll also finds that Romney holds the edge on who has good ideas for improving the economy, 43-36. But 80 percent say they’re more likely to vote for a candidate who will fight for fairness and encourage investments to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class, versus 68 percent who lean towards restoring “economic freedom” and “small government.” And Obama leads on who would fight for the middle class, 49-33.

Here’s the actual question:

Q22 Now, I’m going to read you some statements you could hear about government and the economy from candidates running for president. After I read each statement, please tell me if you would be more or less likely to vote for that candidate, or if it would make no difference in whether you would vote for that candidate. (IF MORE, THEN ASK:) And would you be much more likely or just somewhat more likely to vote for this candidate? The (first/next) one is a candidate for president who…

Will fight for balance and fairness and encourage the investments needed to grow our economy and strengthen the middle class

July 2012+ ……………………………….   80

Wants to restore the values of economic freedom, opportunity, and small government.

July 2012+ ……………………………….  68

So that means a minimum of 56% want both. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others, I guess. Memo to future pollsters: it might be helpful to make respondents choose between these two options, so they don’t end up supporting Bamittrack ObRomney.