Consider the middle class tax cut extension officially held hostage

by pdxblake

On the politics of the tax cut extension (outsourced to TPM):

Faced with this implicit filibuster threat, Reid’s challenge is to convince at least 50 members of his 53-member caucus to vote to extend middle-income tax cuts, and other tax benefits targeted at middle class voters. He’s already signaled he’s rounded them up. That won’t be enough to force a floor debate on the issue — but it gives Democrats a specific vote they can point voters to and validate their election-year argument that Republicans are so committed to preserving low marginal tax rates for wealthy Americans that they’d rather let everyone’s taxes go up instead.

So, just so we’re straight here, there are 50 votes (plus Joe Biden as tie breaker) ready to pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts, except for those on the wealthiest, in the 100 member Senate, and it can’t pass because (like on everything these days), the Republicans are abusing the filibuster to require a 60 vote majority to pass anything!

Maybe it’s time to get rid of democracy, and replace it with something invented by the private sector.

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