Today In Defending Child Rape

by evanmcmurry

Penn State alum Rick Santorum defends all involved in the Sandusky scandal, and criticizes the NCAA for acting on the Freeh report as opposed to waiting for evidence submitted in a criminal trial. Which would be a meh-valid point except for this:

Indeed, when the abuse scandal broke, Santorum expressed support for Paterno, saying “I have no idea what his side of the story is” and “of course I’ll be rooting for him and wish him the best.”

So to be clear, the 3.5 million emails Freeh studied and 420 interviews he conducted are not enough evidence, but “no idea” is plenty.

Bonus irony: Rick Santorum is now the only person involved in this mess to have been fired.

Meanwhile in Washington:

Former Penn State University president Graham Spanier said he will soon begin working for the federal government on projects related to national security.

“For the next several months, as I transition to my post-presidential plans, I will be working on a special project for the U.S. government relating national security. This builds on my prior positions working with federal agencies to foster improved cooperation between our nation’s national security agencies and other entities,” Spanier said in an Email.

Super. Intra-departmental coordination seems right down this dude’s alley. Via Paul Campos:

Because if there’s one thing Graham Spanier knows how to do it’s to make sure that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Both good examples to keep in mind the next time you hear some conservative talk about the free market rewarding personal responsibility.