Fifty Shades of Gray Is Awful, Announces Panel Nobody Will Listen To

by evanmcmurry

Last week I whined that a phalanx of renowned and respected authors were gathering in Manhattan to blah blah blah about Fifty Shades of Gray; my problem was that this book didn’t need any more attention, and if we’re going to get everybody together in a big room to talk about a piece of literature, why not make that book a good one that needed promotion, i.e. the exact type of work that gets missed because of fads like Fifty Shades of Gray?

On the bright side, at least the writers found the would-be erotica awful. Alas, Fifty Shades is well past the point at which demerits from the literary community will affect its sales. I’m happy Erica Jong is on record as giving the thing a big thumbs-down—better than her putting her imprimatur on the cover—but we still could have spent our time talking about something else.