There Are Now More Mass Shootings Than The Media Can Focus On

by evanmcmurry

It is either a) chance or b) the inevitable result of a society with absolutely dysfunctional relationship to guns that the occurrence of one mass shooting is drawing media attention away from the processing of a prior mass shooting, which, until Sunday afternoon, had been the mass shooting story of the day. (We have those now!) What are the odds that both mass shooting stories would hit in the same 12-hour period? Answer: increasingly great. The last mass shooting was two weeks ago in Aurora, CO; since then, two different attempts have been foiled; the mass shooting previous to Aurora occurred only three days before; that one didn’t even get coverage, as no one was killed, though more than a dozen were injured.

If these shootings keep up, we’re gonna need a bigger media just to report on them all.

Also: As usual, the internet’s way ahead of us.

Also: gun control, anyone?