If Harry Reid Is A Liar For Speculating About Romneys Tax Returns….

by evanmcmurry

Pierce, as usual, with a great grab. If Harry Reid, is a “dirty liar” for his claim that Romney paid no taxes during the years for which he won’t release tax returns, what does that make Romney-defender Jonathan Karl?

Harry Reid comes to the floor of the Senate and makes this outrageous charge that has absolutely no evidence — I mean, Mitt Romney paid $3.1 million to the IRS in the one tax return that we’ve seen so far. He paid taxes. (Ed. Note: Objection. Relevance. The return Romney has released are not the issue here.) It’s a completely false charge. (Ed. Note: You don’t know that any more than Reid does because we don’t have the returns.) [Emphasis Pierce’s]

Uh…damn right? Karl knows as much as Reid what’s in those returns. Which makes Karl a dirty liar, too. And everybody who’s defending Romney. And everybody who’s accusing him. And everybody in between. Everybody’s speculating until Romney releases his returns. Call me meshuggah, but isn’t that exactly Harry Reid’s point?