The best-of Krugman writing on Paul Ryan’s budget

by pdxblake

Well, thanks to Mark Thoma for doing what I could not do yesterday while recovering from food poisoning.  He put together a compilation of Paul Krugman’s criticism of Paul Ryan and his “serious” (aka bullshit) budget.  Maybe Mitt Romney had Ryan recommended to him by his accountant since Romney’s tax burden (based on the only year of tax returns he has shown) under Ryan’s plan is 0.82%.  Thoma summarizes his post (see the full post here):

If you think the middle class has it too good, too much security, taxes aren’t high enough, not enough fear of unemployment, too much help for education, and so on, while the wealthy haven’t been coddled enough in recent years, not enough tax cuts, too little upward redistribution of income, not enough bank bailouts, etc., etc., then the Republican proposals should make you happy.

If the Democrats can’t make Ryan’s views on Medicare and Social Security an issue in the campaign, if they allow Republicans to falsely claim that they are trying to save these critical programs rather than cutting them as much as they can get away with, they deserve to lose.