Politics And Bedfellows, Paul Ryan / Rick Scott Edition

by evanmcmurry

Watch how far Governor Rick Scott (R-American’s Wang) gets from Paul Ryan’s voucherization of Medicare by the end of this statement:

I’m going to support a plan that makes sure our Medicare recipients – we have 3.3 million of them in Florida. I’m going to make sure they continue to get care. They paid into the system. We’ve got to make sure we keep that system going.

So Scott endorses the part of Ryan’s plan that keeps benefits for current Medicare recipients—i.e., the status quo—and has literally nothing to say about the rest.

Yes, this is the same Rick Scott who made his fortune in what became the largest Medicaid fraud case in history. Yes, he’s the same Rick Scott who voluntarily removed his state from the Medicaid provisions of Obamacare. Yes, the same Rick Scott who tried to make drug testing mandatory for welfare recipients to benefit his own drug testing company. Yes, the same Rick Scott who actually went back in time and rescinded Charlie Crist’s applications for federal health benefits, including all of this:

$2 million for Medicare outreach, $500,000 for an elder affairs counseling and assistance program, $1 million to help consumers monitor health care premiums in the state and $1 million to plan a health care exchange, according to the Governor’s Office. Then [Scott’s administration] turned away larger sums, such as the first installment of more than $30 million to help keep disabled seniors out of nursing homes. Just how much has it turned away? The Governor’s Office doesn’t keep a tally, spokesman Lane Wright said.

I don’t care if he is, as Pierce put it, “look[ing] at the general privatization of the program as cutting into the profits, the way that marijuana kingpins are opposed to legalization.” If what you’re planning to do to sick and old people goes too far for Rick Scott, you’re waaay out there.