Great News For The Publishing Industry!

by evanmcmurry

Your pick as to which of these is more of a reason to order a Gertrude Stein-shaped cake and party down:

1) Barnes and Nobles has been essentially saved by Fifty (50) Shades of Gra(e)y. The bookseller reported a significantly better-than-expected fiscal quarter, and it’s all thanks to the glorified Twilight fan fiction.

2) That better-than-expected fiscal quarter means “the company reported a net loss of $41 million — an improvement from 2011, when the quarterly loss was $56.6 million.” (via)

There are no refunds on the Gertrude Stein cake.

Sex toy sales have also soared in correlation with the book’s popularity, but I don’t think that industry was in danger. By the way, I can’t be the only person getting E.L. James and P.D. James confused. That’s gotta suck for P.D. James.