Paul Ryan Invokes Joe The Plumber (Seriously)

by evanmcmurry

Paul Ryan, speaking at a steel factory in western PA yesterday:

“Hey, I’m a Catholic deer-hunter,” Ryan said at Beaver Steel just outside Pittsburgh. “I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion.”

The comments the presumptive GOP vice-presidential nominee made referenced remarks Obama made on the campaign trail back in 2008.

[…] Speaking in front of a large “We did build IT!” sign, the seven-term congressman also gave the crowd another 2008 flashback, telling the crowd about Joe the Plumber.

“You know, every now and then President Obama sort of drops his veil,” Ryan said. “He’s less coy about his philosophy. He sort of reveals his true governing policy, what he really believes. Remember back in 2008, remember the guy Joe the Plumber? Remember when he said, you know, ‘We wanna spread the wealth around’? It’s this belief that the economy is some fixed pie, that there’s only just so much money in America, it’s fixed, and that the job of the government is to redistribute the slices of the pie. That’s not true.” (via)

So…is this the “big campaign, about big issues and big choices” William Kristol promised us? (Throw that on the list of things The Man Who Brought You Sarah Palin has gotten wrong.) Should someone—perhaps William Kristol?—tell Paul Ryan that the GOP lost the 2008 election, and quite handedly? So maybe he shouldn’t be using warmed-over nonsense from a losing election? I mean, GOP donors are donating by the tens of millions; the least they should be able to expect is new bullshit.

Also, someone should knock on Joe the Plumber’s noggin and explain what would happen to guys like him under Ryan’s budget. If only someone would come up with a metaphor for the relationship between the rich and the middle class under a Romney/Ryan administration…