Romney’s Real Foreign Policy Problem, Part II

by evanmcmurry

A very long time ago, I wondered if Mitt Romney’s disastrous foreign policy trip—which included insulting our closest ally and making denigrating essentialist arguments about Palestinians—might have gone a little better had he not fired Richard Grenell, one of his top foreign policy advisors, for being gay:

This is another case of the GOP’s conservative bent screwing Romney coming and going: not only must Romney maintain unrealistic foreign policy positions to appease the neo-con sections of his base, but he must do so without the help of qualified advisors, who could perhaps instruct him on how to thread on issues like the Middle East, because of a stupid cultural litmus test. Having to either hold dumb positions or work without qualified advisors would be bad enough for Romney; having to do both is so difficult you almost feel bad for the guy.

What we’ve seen over the past few days—i.e., God giving Mitt Romney an October September Surprise and Romney bungling it so badly that even conservatives are lambasting him—is simply an intensified version of the above. You have an advisor like Richard Grenell precisely to stop you from doing what Mitt Romney did Tuesday night, which I bet was exactly what Mitt Romney was thinking Wednesday morning: “Why oh why did they make me get rid of the guy who would be saving my ass right now?”

But I just put this stuff out there. Wonkette wondered the same question aloud on Twitter. The Man Himself Richard Grenell was not amused.