Richard Mourdock Now A Very Expensive Mistake For Republicans

by evanmcmurry

The other day I wrote that Republicans must be pretty pissed about the prospect of spending money in the Indiana Senate race—which was a safe Republican seat until tea party cannonball Richard Mourdock blew longtime incumbent Dick Lugar (R-Forever) out of the Republican primary—especially now that said cannonball is having to reverse himself and run as, essentially, a Dick Lugar-type politician.

Right on cue, here comes the spending:

Senate Republicans will jump into Indiana’s pitched Senate battle this week, responding to a Democratic ad-buy with one of their own as they seek control of the Senate in November.

The National Republican Senate Committee will spend $650,000 on an ad that will run statewide on broadcast and cable for one week starting Tuesday. A Republican Party source tracking ad buys confirmed the new spot Sunday on condition of anonymity because it has not aired yet.

The NRSC buy tops Senate Democrats’, who have spent $516,000 on a spot airing at the same time, and marks the committee’s first foray on air in Indiana this cycle.

And so, in one week, the NRSC has had to throw in more money than their Democratic counterparts, all to keep a seat that should never have been in play.

With Todd Akin making Missouri less of a sure get for the Republicans, Elizabeth Warren jumping ahead of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, and Mourdock unable to put Joe Donnelly away, the Republican are having to work much harder than initially thought to take the Senate.