So About That Guy Who Thought Elizabeth Warren Was Too Controversial To Speak At The DNC…

by evanmcmurry

Politics moves so fast these days that it can sometimes be hard to remember to hold people accountable for the dumb shit they say. As a corrective to that, let’s all take a stroll to exactly six weeks ago, when Luke Russert tweeted this gem:

Indeed! Never mind that Warren is one of the strongest and most articulate critics of Republican economic policies, that her being a lightning rod for criticism is actually nothing more than her voicing what should be the thesis statement of the Democrat platform, and that she’s running to reclaim a seat for the D column that could decide control of the Senate.

Anyhoo, how’d all that criticism end up?

Two new surveys put Scott Brown’s Democratic challenger in the lead, one by 6 points and the other by 2.

This represents a significant shift from a few weeks ago, when Brown seemed to be opening a healthy lead, and suggests that the Democrats’ successful Charlotte convention – which featured a prime-time appearance by Warren – has helped energize the Democratic base and brings traditionally Democratic voters home. (via Steve Kornacki)

The first poll, which showed Warren up by six, initially appeared to be an outlier, and was rightly distrusted by Pierce and others. But when joined by the second that shows her up by 2—still a sizable swing from her pre-convention numbers—there’s no disputing that something turned this race around. As Pierce points out, not a single other credible event has occurred that could explain this shift except for a prime-time appearance before a national audience. And Kornacki quotes Public Policy Polling as crediting her rise entirely to bringing Brown-curious Democrats back into the fold—in other words, the exact group that would have been watching Warren’s speech.

Warren and Brown start a series of four debates on Thursday, which will likely change this race around a lot, so none of this really matters. But the next time you hear some pipsqueak advise that you silence one of your most articulate members for fear of—gasp—criticism, tell em to cram it with walnuts.