Judicial Activism Meets Voter Fraud In Conservative Matrix Dealie

by evanmcmurry

Here’s Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, on SCOTUS’ one-line decision* to deny his attempt to suppress Democratic voting by curtailing early voting in Ohio:

Husted, the state’s top elections official, called the 6th Circuit’s decision an unprecedented intrusion by federal judges into state elections that was illegal and impractical.

“Despite the court’s decision today to deny our request for a stay, I firmly believe Ohio and its elected legislature should set the rules with respect to elections in Ohio, and not the federal court system,” Husted said in a statement. “However, the time has come to set aside the issue for this election.” (via)

Just so we’re clear, that’s judicial activism—which doesn’t exist—abetting voter fraud—which also doesn’t exist. This existential conspiracy goes all the way to the non-top. But what if Husted is just a brain in a vat?

* You can tell Scalia wasn’t involved, as otherwise there would have been an 8,000 word dissent.