Hey, I Found Something On Which Romney’s NOT Hypocritical

by evanmcmurry

The left side of the internet is having a lot of fun with Romney’s weird incantation in the latter portion of last night’s debate that “Government does not create jobs! Government does not create jobs!” But elect me and I’ll create 12 million of them, joked liberals on Twitter and elsewhere. It’s a nice riposte, but there’s no inconsistency—one of the few things Romney believes no matter what his audience is that rescinding government regulations, especially in the form of upper class taxation, will stimulate employment. You can agree or disagree with that—not going to sleep reading The Road To Serfdom every night, I disagree—but there’s no contradiction that I can see between Romney claiming that government doesn’t create jobs and his claim that as the head of that government he’d create millions of them.

Of course, you could easily argue that government does create jobs—it’s called the public sector—and that its underperformance during the Obama administration, thanks entirely to ill-conceived, ill-timed austerity measures (hi Tea Party!), is one of the primary drags on our economic recovery. Ironically, Romney’s right: government has not created jobs in the past four years. Too bad for us.