Rain Delays Are Now Obama’s Fault

by evanmcmurry

Last month, George Will blamed Obama for college football. Or something; nobody was quite sure what he was talking about. Not to be outdone, this week William Kristol offered the following thought on Obama and baseball:

When The Decline and Fall of the American Republic is written centuries hence, the date October 17, 2012, will occupy a prominent place in the narrative. On this day, a playoff game between the Yankees and the Tigers in Detroit was called not because of rain, but because of … the threat of rain. Just as today’s “liberalism has become hardly more than a trembling in the presence of illiberalism,” so, in Obama’s America, Major League Baseball cancels games not because of rain but because of trembling in the presence of the threat of rain.

Ordinarily, here’s where I’d blah blah blah something about “When the intellectual powers of an ideological movement countenances its base dabbling in conspiracy theories, it eventually becomes susceptible to forms of those theories itself.” But the above is too stupid and strange to even warrant analysis. At least at the time of Will’s column, Romney’s campaign was in the gutter, and Will was just distracting himself.* Kristol has no such excuse.

* Why he gets to distract himself in the pages of the Washington Post is another story.