The Best Way To Spot Voter Fraud Is To Be A Fraud Yourself

by evanmcmurry

There’s an old saw that censors have the dirtiest minds. Perhaps we can now create the voter-fraud-paranoia corollary to that: those who scour the earth for the voter fraud have the most fraudulent practices.

Here’s Weigel:

And add something else—the absence of any presence from True the Vote, the independent, conservative, poll-watching organization that grew out of the Tea Party.

Before I got to the polls, True the Vote had an announcement: It was going to have trouble policing Ohio’s Franklin County. In order to watch the polls and potentially challenge voters, you have to either 1) be a member of a major party or 2) get five possible watchers to sign a form saying they can do it. True the Vote filled out the forms, but the Franklin County Board of Elections rejected them, explaining that the documents might have been falsified.

That’s right: the group dedicated to exposing voter fraud falsified documents to get the credentials to expose voter fraud. Well, how else were they going to know what it looks like?