And The Snake Eats Its Tail

by evanmcmurry

Ordinarily, spinsters try to find an angle that has at least a tinge of plausibility. But there’s no one outside of the diehardest conservative troll who believes Karl Rove when he says that Obama won by “suppressing the vote.”* It takes some—wait for it—brass to spend two years actually trying to suppress votes to then turn around and accuse your opponent of succeeding by the very underhanded tactic with which you failed.

Six months ago, Rove’s Crossroads released a series of smart, clever ads that made Rove look as if he were genuinely enjoying this election. But watching him flap his arms in freefall these past couple days suggest that enjoyment may have in fact been a cockiness that was never for a moment earned.

* Huh? Well, turnout was down by ~2 million votes on Tuesday, after three straight elections of increased turnout. Because everything from college football to rain delays is Obama’s fault, this must be, too.