GOP Learns What Obama Was Saying While They Had Their Fingers In Their Ears

by evanmcmurry

One of the more oft heard complaints in the latter days of the campaign, from Democrat as well as Republican pundits and figures, was that Obama had presented no plan for his second administration, but was simply running an anti-Romney campaign and getting away with it. This was a neat way to obscure the fact that Romney had literally offered no proposals, as opposed to just not offering the sweeping type that was suddenly a requirement of Obama (never mind that the moment Obama did begin to talk like this, he was lampooned as having a savior-celebrity complex).

Anyhoo, here’s Greg Sargeant:

A key observation about the new White House offer from the Post reporting team: 

While the proposal seemed to startle Republicans, it contains little that would be unfamiliar to anyone following the president’s public statements.

Obama campaigned on much of this stuff, and won. It’s not surprising it’s in his opening bid.

It is if you were making TelePrompter jokes while he was talking. Republicans refused to listen to anything Obama said, then accused him of saying nothing, and are now shocked that all the stuff he was saying while they smirking has a fighting chance of becoming policy 32 days from now.