Planned Parenthood Wiped The Floor With Karl Rove In Election Spending

by evanmcmurry

You look at chart now:

Should be read with this sound effect.

Many, including this blog, have made the case that Republicans self-imploded on cultural issues, sticking their legitimate feet in their mouths and losing gimme elections. While I still think that’s largely true, the above graph and accompanying article make a strong case that Planned Parenthood was instrumental in turning these isolated moments into a coherent electoral strategy. The key factor PP seems to have figured out was time: it wasn’t so much that they seized on individual comments at the moment, as they didn’t allow the electorate to forget about the candidates’ positions once the controversies died down and the conversation turned to other issues. With the exception of Richard Mourdock, who made his lovely rape comment right before the election, Mitt Romney (who?) and Todd Akin both sought to benefit from what they hoped was the electorate’s short memory span. Planned Parenthood funded constant reminders, and never let the men get away from their previous comments. Given the insane amount of undeserved criticism PP has taken recently, it’s about time we gave credit where credit’s due.

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