Who’s Afraid Of Teachers? Breitbart Reporters, Apparently

by evanmcmurry

Breitbart.com caught (ahem, “caught”) a teacher union representative at a Marxism conference and made him say “um” about it. And given that Breitbart.com buys broad brushes in bulk, naturally everybody ever involved in teaching or unions must now be part of a “revolutionary movement.”

Read over their transcript of the interview, it’s worth it (“What’s the alignment with Marxist organizations and revolutionary movements?”). But the best part is this:

This occurred at the same all-day event where, upon being labeled as “not in solidarity” and recognized as a Breitbart News correspondent, I was forcefully removed by a group of teachers, social workers, and others members of the ISO attending the Marxism conference.

And stuffed in an ACORN duffel bag and thrown by Susan Rice into a Soros-owned quarry, no doubt. Breitbart is somewhere between Daily Caller’s empty cynicism and WND’s insane credulity, which means it’s always a question of how much they believe what they print: did writer “Rebel Pundit” (I shit you not) have to put his title in a conservatorship long enough to type that sentence about being “forcibly removed” by Ms. Krabapple, or does he actually believe he was manhandled by the last two groups who would ever be mistaken for thugs?