The Last Sane Conservative Tries To Reason With The Rabble, Fails

by evanmcmurry

Life must be lonely for the two or three remaining sane conservative pundits out there. Thus we find certified-non crazy Kathleen Parker* trying to reason with those in her party, including former Bush administration officials, that Hillary Clinton really truly did not fake a blood clot to get out of testifying on Benghazi:

Clinton may well prefer to miss her day before the firing squad, but it is unlikely that doctors or a hospital would assist a secretary of state — or anyone — in concocting a fake affliction.

It’s sad that such an argument has to be stated, though I’m not sure it does: if you’re the type of person to believe that the Secretary of State would fake a concussion, what are the chances the above logic, or any other, will appeal to you? We’re two days away from someone at researching Clinton’s doctors and finding one whose mother-in-law lives in Chicago and therefore Bill Ayers. Why is Parker bothering with these people?

* Parker, you will recall, never caught Palin fever, an apostasy for which she was nearly excommunicated from the party.