Nepotism Is The New Equality

by evanmcmurry

From Elissa Schappell’s defense of Lena Dunham:

I hear the charges of nepotism, but seriously? The entertainment industry is not a meritocracy. From before the days of Barrymore to our present age of Bacons and Bridges, Sheen-Estevezes and Zappas family has, for better and worse, equaled opportunity. The Coppola family’s connections and influence are so vast they’d make the mob envious. It’s not right, but doors swing open more easily for some than others. Does it matter whether it’s your father, neighbor or the casting agent you fucked who opened it?

That seems like an odd paragraph to write in support of any point, let alone someone’s deserved success.

Also, I didn’t know Charlie Sheen was leading by example. #caring