Danger! Danger! It Was Gun Appreciation Day Today (Predictable).

by pdxblake

It was tasteless to have Gun Appreciation Day on Martin Luther King Jr.’s weekend to begin with, but unsurprisingly it was also somewhat dangerous for some of the gun appreciators.

Via Talking Points Memo:

As gun rights activists celebrated the turnout at gun shows for national Gun Appreciation Day Saturday, police responded to at least thee accidental shootings that left five people injured at shows across the country.

Who wudda thunk it? Maybe there should be rules about guns, like, I don’t know, you shouldn’t have the guns loaded at gun shows, or that stupid people with loaded weapons might end up shooting themselves or other people without even intending to. Maybe not everyone is cut out to handle any guns, let alone semi-automatic weapons and maybe there should be some sort of training before people are allowed to handle–let alone own–a gun.