It’s Time For Buzz Bissinger To Prune His Facebook Friends

by evanmcmurry

Sad trombone:

The Newsweek and Daily Beast contributor, who wrote a cover story titled I Still Believe in Lance Armstrong, says he’s thoroughly embarrassed he gave the disgraced cyclist the benefit of the doubt, believe that the athlete didn’t win his cycling championships through doping.

[..] In his August cover story, Bissinger—the author of Friday Night Lights—argued that Armstrong “is a hero, one of the few we have left in a country virtually bereft of them. And he needs to remain one.”

[…] The writer said the Newsweek story “really shot my credibility” by “2%, 3%, [or] 5%,”

Bringing his net credibility down to zero. You’ll recall the last time we saw Bissinger he was endorsing Mitt Romney for president via one of the most pathetically ignorant and offensive screeds ever penned by a professional columnist. You’ll recall the previous Bissinger sighting was his public split from Tony LaRussa*, who turned out to be a Tea Party nutjob, of which Bissinger was unaware despite writing a book about the man.

Romney, Armstrong, Larussa*: It might be time for Bissinger to take a sober look at his method of character evaluation. At this point he resembles less the guy who wrote Friday Night Lights than the Odessians he describes as falling for the same oil scheme again and again.

* Yes, I know how his name is supposed to be spelled.