Losing My Religion In C Major

by evanmcmurry

The MajorScaled version of “Losing My Religion,” in which the song is pitch-adjusted into a body soap commercial, is as gratingly catchy as the original (and I say that as a diehard R.E.M. fan).


1) We already have a version of this, and it’s called every song by Live and Gin Blossoms.

2) Rewatching the original video is a reminder of how gorgeous and absolutely ridiculous music videos used to be; like most music videos of the late 80s/early 90s, LMR looks beautiful while wielding heavy-handed symbols like a child with a bucket of paint. Not surprisingly, the director, Tarsem Singh, went on to direct The Cell, a movie as visually stunning as it was stultifyingly dumb. Of course, having angels poking fingers into each others’ skin is a whole lot more portentous-looking with a melancholy mandolin riff beneath it; not so much over C major.

3) As was pointed out at the time, Peter Buck looks pissed to be anywhere near that video shoot.

4) Watch the scenes with all four members of R.E.M. together in frame, especially with bowl-cut Mike Mills hugging the back of the chair like he just got done writing computer code, and consider what a weird and wonderful thing it is that these nerds are one of the highest-selling rock bands of all time.