Does The GOP Think That If A Woman Introduces A Rape/Abortion Bill, That Makes It Okay?

by evanmcmurry

New Mexico State Rep Cathrynn Brown (R-Of Course) introduced a bill that would outlaw abortion in the case of rape on the ingenious logic that it constitutes “destroying the evidence,” which I guess is the flipside of the Todd Akin/Richard Mourdock “God’s gift” argument.

Two things:

1) This GOP makeover into a party that can attract women and minorities is going great.

2) This shows the essential emptiness of the Ted Cruz/Tim Scott/Sarah Palin method of appealing to non-white male demographics via token figures. The “look we have Hispanic Senator” doesn’t work if Ted Cruz is crazier about immigration than most of his GOP colleagues. Likewise, does it matter at the end of the day whether Todd Akin or Cathrynn Brown proposed this legislation?

Thus far the GOP’s response to their November whooping has been to keep the exact same ideology and try to smuggle it through a more diverse array of spokespeople. But how far can Cruz and Brown carry such obviously nasty policies?