Republicans To Stop Beating Themselves In Head With Immigration Stick

by evanmcmurry

Jennifer Rubin’s column on immigration reform was the most reasonable set of sequential words she’s ever written, and while that may be one of the lowest bars in contemporary journalism history, neither does this blog hand out compliments to Jennifer Rubin very often, so take note.

Still, enough of this, please:

As for the White House and Democrats, they will have to give up the prospect of using immigration as a club.

As a club? Republicans sabotaged their own immigration reform during Bush’s term, passed SB 1070 with blood in their mouths, heckled Rick Perry* for his comparatively moderate immigration stance, and forced that guy who ran on the 2012 GOP ticket—Mutt Rommins?—to tack so far to the right that he ceded states like Nevada he had no business losing. Republicans bought the rope, tied the noose, and hung themselves. Democrats merely pointed out that they were doing so.

* It is always acceptable to heckle Rick Perry.