Gun nuts

by pdxblake

I know that the NRA is scared that Obama and the Democrats are coming for their guns.  We’ve heard that story over and over.  But now the NRA has an enemies list.  And two of the organizations that I saw that were particular unusual for a gun organization’s enemies list given their usual praise for said professions were:

National Association of Police Organizations

Police Foundation

They have everyone else on there you would expect, but the police?  I mean you talk about open carry and who doesn’t spend their days advocating for that by example like the police with the guns on their hips for everyone to see.  Plus, they use their guns to shoot bad guys to protect the people.  I’m not often left with the feeling that the police are not talked about enough for what positive things they do during the day, so the NRA has forged new grounds with me writing this paragraph.  How the hell do they make the enemies list of the NRA?

Oh, that’s right, the NRA is fucking crazy:

“If you limit the American public’s access to semi-automatic technology, you limit their ability to survive,” – Wayne LaPierre

“That’s ridiculous and you know it, sir,” [Fox News host Chris] Wallace said to [NRA head Wayne] LaPierre.

Some things just leave me shaking my head.