We Just Made Marco Rubio Bunches Of Money

by evanmcmurry

I didn’t see Marco Rubio’s SOTU rejoinder in real time, and maybe the hilarity of his reaching for a bottle of Poland Spring was one of those had-to-be-there things. Anyway, I don’t get the focus on it, and certainly don’t think it was worth this:

Reclaim America, Rubio’s hilariously named political action committee, has sold over 4,000 Rubio water bottles in the past week. At the reasonable price of $25 (or, if you’re feeling generous, even more!) per bottle, the gimmick helped the PAC raise $119,200 as of Monday morning.

Rubio is now free to use that money in any way he pleases, including funding 2014 GOP House and Senate candidates, or state-level candidates who can continue to pass anti-abortion laws based off wisps of ghost science.

I agree with Erik Loomis here: there’s plenty on which to attack Rubio without going all Maureen Dowd on him.