Bob Woodward Is Melting Before Our Eyes

by evanmcmurry

Bob Woodward—the venerable WaPo scribe who bears a decreasing resemblance to this Robert Redford character—is scared of the Obama administration. Woodward published a piece last week on the sequester that blamed Obama for “moving the goalposts,” a claim that has drawn criticism from, well, everybody, but also the White House, which makes the reporter who met Deep Throat in a parking garage squeamish.

This is my favorite line, though:

“Sit down and work through this,” he said. “I can see exactly how you come up with a deal that would dispose of lots of things.” Woodward, who helped bring down one presidency and has written instant history on every one since, added: “Color me a little baffled. I don’t understand this White House. Do you?” [E.A.]

Here’s an example of a White House Bob Woodward did understand, just well enough to get us into Iraq. Journalism!