Blinder goes Krugman all over Joe Scarborough

by pdxblake

Rather than add anything to my earlier point about how Scarborough hates your mom’s Powerpoint, I’ll just let Alan Blinder talk for a bit about (click through for his full opinion piece, which is short and useful) whether he agrees more with Krugman or Scarborough on deficits:

“I don’t blog, so the purpose of this missive is simple: Can we please end the mini-debate right here? While there may be some small differences between Krugman’s position on reducing the deficit and my own, they are pretty small. Had I been on “Morning Joe” that day, the debate surely would have been two against four, not one against four. Furthermore, Krugman and I are not occupying some obscure corner of the policy debate, where only weirdos live. A large number of economists are on our side. Others, of course, are closer to the Scarborough camp”

Put that in your mom’s Powerpoint and smoke it, Joe.