Well, what did you expect? (Filibuster edition)

by pdxblake

It truly baffles me that the Democratic Senate leaders can be so naïve by being willing to believe the Republicans in the Senate would be willing to acknowledge they are in the minority and they cannot therefore control every decision made in the Senate after the last few years of slash-and-burn tactics.  They should have listened to the Junior Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkley, who wanted to take a harder line on changes to the filibuster to stop, well, this (via Talking Points Memo)

Senate Democratic leaders have engaged in preliminary discussions about how to address Republican procedural obstruction, according to a senior Democratic aide, reflecting an awareness that key administration and judicial vacancies might never be filled, and that a watered-down rules reform deal the parties struck early this Congress has failed.

“The general agreement was that Republicans would only filibuster nominees in the case of extraordinary circumstances, and once again Republicans are expanding the definition of that term to make it entirely meaningless,” the aide said.