Rand Paul Is Just Another Politician, Part the Inifinity

by evanmcmurry

Politico‘s attempt to paint Rand Paul as yer thinking man’s 2016 principled politician hits a bit of a road bump:

He’s more cautious than voters realize. His immigration speech is a case in point. An early draft obtained by The Associated Press prompted the wire to report that he would endorse a “path to citizenship,” but when Paul delivered his speech, he avoided that term. Afterward, he and his team offered conflicting explanations but stressed he doesn’t support “amnesty.” The episode showed how careful Paul is not to offend activists in places like Iowa.

Cautious! I remember from the Comments Section of every article on père Paul that non-“caution”—they had a different word for it—was the whole point of a Paul presidency. I guess Paul fils is making cautious principled amendments to the family ambition cause.

Or, in Pierce’s formulation: “So someone bought this principled fellow the Rosetta Stone program for Weaselspeak, and it’s working out well. No wonder a Politico reporter is impressed.”