The Retro Wife

by evanmcmurry

Roxane Gay has a quality takedown of both the reductive concept of “women’s choices” and the obnoxious and ubiquitous trend pieces that fuel them:

It would be great to talk about women who work, by necessity or choice, without comparing it to some alternative, “better” choice. How do women negotiate their working lives? What’s working well? What’s not? What do they love most about their jobs? Hell, what do they do over the course of a day or week or month?

[…] Women are more than what we do and who we spend our lives with and who we give birth to or adopt. We are individuals as much as we are connected to other people. I’d like to believe we can have conversations about ideas, about culture, and books and movies and television, politics, religion, the state of the world, without grounding those conversations in this work/life balance conversation that is so mind numbingly endless. I think we can talk about ideas and be feminists and be women without being myopic. I also know these conversations are happening, just not nearly enough, and then they get overshadowed by madness like the “Retro Wife” with it’s too-cute title and throwback artwork and buzz-desperate message.

Worth a full read.