The Republican empathy gap

by pdxblake

Josh Barro at Bloomberg “vents his spleen” (his words) on the Republican “economists” who wrote some op-eds in the Wall Street Journal today.  While it’s nothing new (Republicans see a solution that involves tax cuts and spending cuts, and define the problem in a way that the solution they want follows from the problem) it is a good exposition of why the Republicans’ argument are filled with more holes than a 10 lb block of Swiss cheese.  He concludes with this (you’ll have to go read the full article to get the rest):

So why respond to the poverty-trap problem by calling for big cuts to benefits? The answer, of course, is that every economic ill must be shoehorned into an argument for lower taxes and less government spending. If a proposed solution to an economic problem doesn’t involve taking benefits away from poor people, then it’s not a solution at all — at least by the logic that prevails on the Wall Street Journal editorial page.