The Worst Point About Gay Marriage You’ll Read (Today)

by evanmcmurry

Everybody and everyone is taking batting practice at Megan McArdle’s attempt to spin gay marriage into a bourgeois victory that’s somehow the nanny state in action, or something. (“The sexual revolution is over. And the revolutionaries lost.” Dang.) Amazingly, there’s a still a pitch left to hit, so I’ll swing:

The 1970s were an open revolt against the idea of the dutiful pair bond, in favor of a life of perpetual infatuation. The elites led the way–and now they’re leading it back. Compare Newt Gingrich or John McCain to the new generation of Republican hopefuls. Jindal, Ryan, Christie, Rubio . . . all of them are married to their first wives. Jindal met his wife in high school, Christie in college. By their age, McCain was preparing for his first divorce, and Gingrich was just a few years from his second.

As Gin and Tacos points out, give those four shining specimens of elite masculinity a few more years and we’ll see who’s still married to whom. But more to the point—I thought gay marriage was supposed to be ruining the institution of marriage. Now it’s stronger than ever? Was the whole moral panic over the traditional definition of marriage really because Newt Gingrich couldn’t stop throwing it into women who weren’t his wife(ves)?