Marco Rubio’s Newest Eject Button

by evanmcmurry

Ladies and gentlemen, the party of leaner, efficient government:

Even as the Sunday shows were alive with predictions that a deal is close on immigration reform, Marco Rubio took the occasion to cast doubt on the prospects for success by joining other Senators who are calling for the process to slow down…In so doing, Rubio is joining with other Senators who are urging a go-slow approach, such as Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions, who may be urging a slowdown so the armies of the right have time to mobilize and strike fear into any reform-minded Republican officials, killing reform.

Remember, this issue is central to GOP rebranding efforts. In fact, it’s three quarters of the rebranding effort, the last 25% being occupied by “never saying the word ‘rape,’ ever.”

The immigration package is full of reforms with broad public support, bipartisan legislative support, and a drive on behalf of Republicans to get behind a new demographic. It’s now imperiled by two Senators with no fear of a Democratic challenge, and one who’s already looking to vipers of the 2016 GOP primary.