Princeton Student Gets Unsolicited Anti-Feminist Pro-Bro Backup, Probably Wishes He Were Dead

by evanmcmurry

In case you were dying to read a conservative amen to Susan Patton’s “Hey Princeton girls, fuck my son“—and I can’t imagine Susan Patton’s youngest son was—here it is. It’s a toss-up as to the stupidest paragraph, but behold the runner-up:

If you think it unjust that our social institutions tilt the sexual playing field even further to the advantage of high-status men and the detriment of everyone else, then your quarrel is with those who espouse the ideologies that have produced that result: feminism and sexual liberationism.

(It’s also Elena Kagan’s fault, but I’ll let you read for yourself how he gets from Ivy League heterohumping to DOMA.)

And the winner:

One more bit of advice for Susan Patton’s son: A lot of your mother’s detractors seem gleeful at the thought that her notoriety will rub off on you to your disadvantage–that you’ll be embarrassed and women will shun you. As long as you take it all in stride, nothing of the sort will happen. You are now slightly famous. That won’t repel women, it will make them curious about you.

The only thing worse than having your mother advertise your datability to your campus is becoming synonymous with anti-feminist alpha-male status mugging as a result. Susan Patton’s son must be transferring to a college in Siberia at this point.

(Also: wouldn’t it be great if Patton fils has been sitting in his room up until this point reading Foucault and Judith Butler, and writing papers on queer theory?)