Your Depressing Gun Control Update

by evanmcmurry

The compromise between Toomey and Manchin on background checks, which is supposed to break the impasse on the only facet of gun control that stands a chance of passing, also includes the following:

The agreement also contains provisions expanding firearms rights, and that concerns gun control supporters. Some restrictions on transporting guns across state lines would be eased, sellers would be shielded from lawsuits if the buyer passed a check but later used a firearm in a crime and gun dealers could conduct business in states where they don’t live.

And so our response to Newtown has become a loosening of gun laws. This is part of securing a “compromise” for background checks, which 80-90% of Americans support, depending on the poll. And the families of Newtown will be lobbying legislators just to pass this. And it still might not pass.

Here’s the relevant part of Obama’s response:


To which Charles Pierce rejoinds:

To belabor the obvious, any compromise brokered on the issue of gun control between Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey is not “bipartisan” just because one of them is a Democrat and the other is a Republican…on this particular issue, there isn’t enough room between Manchin and Toomey to shine a flashlight. To call the deal struck today “bipartisan” is to fetishize the adjective into virtual uselessness.

Back to your regularly scheduled program of wondering whether you might be shot today.