Let the GOP Intraparty Gun Control Squabble Commence

by evanmcmurry


The Republican conflict came to the fore last week during a closed-door luncheon for Senate Republicans, when Susan Collins, eyes blazing, stood up and complained about a series of attack ads that she was facing back home from a gun-rights group with deep ties to Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky.

Ms. Collins, who faces re-election next year, said the gun ads were an example of the kind of internal Republican warfare that has hindered the party in Senate races the last two elections.

[…] Then Mr. Paul, feeling attacked, stormed out.

More from Sargeant on the group:

The group, the National Association for Gun Rights, has also run ads against other Republicans — such as Reps. Eric Cantor and Scott Rigell — that show these Republicans morphing into Obama, simply because they embraced the most modest of Obama’s gun reforms, such as making gun trafficking a federal crime and improving state data sharing with feds on the mentally ill, while rejecting virtually all of the other major items on it. Now Collins is a target.

When Eric Cantor is too compromising for you…