Today in Totally Believable, Non-Delusional Excuses for Sexism

by evanmcmurry

Dylan Byers, on how his anti-Jill Abramson article—the one in which Abramson was cast as icy, exacting, and alienating, while the male staffer who punched a wall in response to a meeting with her was portrayed sympathetically as frustrated—was totally not sexist not even a little:

I therefore did not see it as fitting to inject gender into a story that was, as I saw it, not about gender. (Aside from noting that she is the first female executive editor of the Times, the only reference to gender appears in a quote from Times managing editor Dean Baquet, who says “the bitchy woman character … is a little bit of an unfair caricature.”)

Welp, we’re done here. It’s a longstanding journalism truth that until “bitch” is used twice in a story about a prominent female figure, you’re on non-gendered territory. And pay no attention to anybody suggesting that ignoring the role gender plays in a power structure is sexism. Those people are just “injecting” gender, and Politico‘s all out of needles.