Mountain Dew Something Catcher In The Rye Something Obama

by evanmcmurry

Ed Driscoll on how that horrifically racist Mountain Dew ad is the Democrats’ fault because Holden Caulfield:

Yes, the liberal postwar overculture of the 1950s through the mid-1960s was “plastic,” as The Graduate claimed. Yes it was full of “phonies” and hypocrites as Holden C. warned. On the other hand, it had enough common sense — read, good taste — to instinctively reject a commercial such as this. Not only would it never have been aired, it would have never left the ad agency’s presentation boardroom.


I found that in under ten seconds. Contra Driscoll’s claim, the Don Drapers approved this and worse.

NB: Time for your annual reminder that Don Draper Isn’t Real.

NB 2: Yesterday I asked whether anybody would try to make Howard Kurtz out to be a victim of a liberal witch hunt, rather than an incompetent and unprofessional employee fired for his own lassitude. The selfsame Ed Driscoll comes through. This guy’s a winner.