Fire Someone, Anyone, That Guy, The Janitor, Maybe

by evanmcmurry

It’s scandal feasting time in D.C., which means people, some of them, any of them, are gonna get fired:

Republicans want heads to roll in the wake of revelations that the Internal Revenue Service inappropriately targeted conservative groups for further scrutiny, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is asking Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to begin with the current IRS Commissioner.

[snip] The IRS is currently led by Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller. He assumed the role after IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman stepped down on November 9, 2012, but Rubio’s office notes that Miller was Deputy Commissioner during the time that the IRS was inappropriately scrutinizing conservative groups.

But did Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller have anything to do with anything? Like, was he just eating his lunch in the cafeteria while all this was going on? What’s the point of calling for investigations—which should be held!—if you’re going to decide beforehand who’s gotta be canned?

Also, you can tell Rubio’s new at this, as no seasoned GOP figure would preemptively give a Democratic administration a body to throw under the bus. This ain’t about accountability at this point.