The Real #BENGHAZI Victim: Editing

by evanmcmurry

Once upon a time, Republicans made fun of Obama for his TelePrompTer usage. This played like gangbusters with the base, causing many GOP presidential candidates to go without a TelePrompTer on the campaign trail in 2012, leading to the very-plausible theory that the sheer tonnage of dumb statements made during the 2012 Republican primary was partially caused by the fact that so many of them were speaking extemporaneously, for hours and hours every day. Turns out a TelePrompTer has a use, and that use is saving you from your own fool mouth.

Substitute “editing” for “TelePrompTer,” and you now have the current Republican predicament. They’ve decided that editing is bad, because some entities (not the White House, it turns out) edited the #BENGHAZI talking points, which is worse than Watergate and Whitewater times a billion.

But what happens when you don’t edit stuff? Well, if you’re the National Republican Congressional Committee, you put up a blog post trying to zing Congressional Democrats in which you get their names wrong, list congressmen no longer in office, and accidentally use a picture of Luis Gutierrez, Mayor of Medellín, Colombia, rather than Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois.

The NRCC’s response? “This was an early draft that was not meant to be posted publicly because it had not yet been edited.”

Just eleven more drafts and they’ll have it right.